Choose OMA for Dental Implants

Choose OMA for Dental Implants

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To replace missing teeth, dental implants are unequivocally the best choice. Dental implants do much more than just replace a gap in your smile. Here are 5 reasons to replace missing teeth with dental implants, along with tips for choosing the best oral surgeon for your dental implant surgery. 

Prevents Bone Loss

The primary reason that dental implants are deemed the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, is actually found below the gumline. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone beneath the gap begins to pull back. Without a tooth root to attach to, the bone loses density.

Bone loss in the jaw can drastically alter your facial appearance, making you look older. The receding jawbone is responsible for the sunken, premature aging look that is common in people who are missing most of their teeth.

Dental Implants Can Improve Overall Health

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a great way to help reduce your risk of developing gum disease. You can brush and floss your implants naturally, so there is less risk of decay accumulating between teeth or along the gumline. 

Implants May Last a Lifetime

Dental implants are incredibly durable. With proper care, dental implants will last at least 20 years. For some people, dental implants will last their whole life. This can make dental implants very cost-effective over the long term, when compared to the much shorter lifespan of alternatives to implants, such as dental bridges, which often need to be replaced every 5-7 years. 

Natural Appearance & Function

Dental implants offer a natural appearance and function. Using porcelain crowns to match your adjacent teeth in both color and size, no one needs to know you have implants unless you tell them. Even better, dental implants function exactly like natural teeth because they mimic the structure of natural teeth and natural tooth roots. As such, dental implants restore your ability to bite into foods naturally and chew without difficulty. 

Boost Self Esteem

Missing teeth can wreak havoc on your mental health. From insecurity to shame to a lack of confidence and depression, missing teeth can severely impact your self-esteem. With natural-looking dental implants, you can reclaim your self-confidence, and improve your quality of life. 

Why Choose Oral & Facial Surgery Centers for Your Dental Implants

If you’re considering dental implants in Massachusetts, be sure you select a practice that specializes in dental implant surgery. In other words, look to an oral surgeon. An oral surgeon has specialized surgical training, and focuses their practice on surgeries of the mouth, instead of practicing general dentistry.

You should also look to see that an oral surgeon you’re considering for your dental implants meets the following criteria:

Board Certification

Oral surgeons do not have to obtain Board-Certification. Those who do choose to become Board-Certified opt to undergo additional training and education, and then have their skills, and practical knowledge tested and reviewed by a panel of experts. Board-Certification is an indication that an oral surgeon you’re considering for dental implant surgery has gone above and beyond what is necessary to maintain their surgical license. 


Dental implants are a type of surgery best performed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon who has a proven track record of experience and successful results. An established oral surgery practice that has served the local community for decades is an indication that they have plenty of experience. They are also likely to have plenty of online reviews that you can read to learn about the experiences others have had with their surgeons. 

Latest Technology

Select an oral surgeon who embraces the benefits of technology. Advanced technology is essential in dental implant surgery. Confirm an oral surgeon you are considering for your dental implant surgery employs all of the latest advancements including computer-guided surgery, cone beam scanning for 3D imaging, and digital x-rays.

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